Thoughts Before Going Up In A Plane

There is a certain serendipity about life that is hard to understand but easy to appreciate. Recently I took part in a weekend seminar where, among other things, I made a list of 20 things I wanted to do in the next year. I decided to dream big with the idea that maybe by putting it down on paper, I would be more likely to do what it takes to make it happen. One of the items on my list was to fly in a small airplane.

Yesterday, after putting away groceries, we noticed a flyer in the bottom of the bag about an airplane show with airplane rides. What a strange coincidence!

So here I am now, waiting for my turn to go up. I have flown in a commercial plane when I was young. I have also flown in a helicopter over the badlands. I am going to fly with my stepson, Gavin, and his friend Josh. The plane seats 4 including the pilot.

I am nervous and excited.