Simple Package Tracking

Drupal.org project page: https://drupal.org/project/simple_package_tracking

I created the Simple Package Tracking module for Drupal in response to a need at my job to reduce the number of phone calls related to people wanting to know where there order was. Also, I needed the process of entering tracking numbers to be so easy that anyone could do it without it taking more than half an hour.

The original module was built to work with Ubercart, and at the time, the only modules that provided this functionality were based around the concept of creating a package, putting products into the package, and then attaching the tracking information to the package. The benefit of this approach was that it offered very complete information to the user, so they could easily see which products would arrive on which day. The downside was that the process required visiting no fewer than 4 different screens in a particular order. It was confusing enough that I regularly had to demonstrate how it was done.

Simple Package Tracking is based around 2 sets of information: Shipping carriers and tracking numbers. The module provides the ability to attach a tracking number directly to the order, thus eliminating the need to create packages and put products in those packages. It is a simple and direct process that requires only going to the order page, entering the tracking information and clicking the save button. If a new shipping carrier needs to be added, it can be done directly from the same form and a pattern is saved for future use that automatically inserts the tracking number into the correct location.

Simple Package Tracking can be used for providing tracking numbers for any company that has online package tracking.