Land of Blood and Sunshine @ Gabes

Listening to the band Land of Blood and Sunshine, I found both beauty and strangeness, technical precision and the looseness of form that has come to typify rock music. With 6 members, they fit in with the current trend of larger bands trying to achieve bigger sounds, and they largely succeed. From the rhythmic thumping of dual drummers to the sometime synchronous guitarists, Land of Blood and Sunshine managed to project a larger-than-life sound that filled the venue without just sounding too loud.

Lead singer, Joel Downs, seems to channel David Byrne sometimes and at other times the sneering tone of British punk. The music focuses on pounding drum rhythms and intricate melodies.

I got down to the venue late and only caught a small bit of any of the other bands, but I felt like it was well worth my cover just to see this one band.

Reminds me of: Local Natives, David Byrne, and System of a Down